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These Disclosures and Privacy Policy, are to assist you in understanding our services and required by law to be disclosed to you.



About Integrity Senior Living Advisors

Integrity Senior Living Advisors LLC (aka:Integrity) is an Elite, NO COST senior living and care advising service.

Choosing a new living solution can be a surprisingly difficult process. At no cost to you, we will help save you hundreds of calls, emails and internet searches and processing an overwhelming amount of information, by providing expert assistance in locating the best options of care and housing needs for you or your loved one.

Our services includes accessing our elite community and care options, checking availability, making calls, email, vetting each community or care home setting and making appointments for touring each option you select, from our customized list we provide you.

Our Process

We speak one the phone and personally meet with you to discover you or your loved one’s needs, wishes and wants for the next stage of their life. We cover all the angles to ensure that we help find the right choices. We ensure we only recommend personally interviewed, vetted communities and care homes and review (ODHS) guidelines in regard to licensing and any violation/inspections they may have on record.

Once we understand all of your needs, our team of specially trained experts research the best options and schedule personal tours and interviews with prospective senior living communities or care home options.

Our advisors personally tour communities with your family, generally three, to assure all questions are asked and answered. We advocate for you and help navigating negotiating best terms and assist with all the move details as you need.


Communication with Communities and Care Homes. We make all inquiries on your behalf, no need for you to take time to make any calls or inquiries. To ensure the advisor is compensated appropriately, client agrees the Integrity Advisor is your Lead Point of Contact with any senior housing living option search on your behalf. This will reduce confusion between all parties and additional work.

Internet search caution:

Our clients are cautioned from entering their name and contact information in national online senior housing and care web sites. Unfortunately, a majority of these web sites are national companies who seek to send your name to all area senior living providers, creating an onslaught of calls to you directly.

All family members and well intentioned friends should be informed that help has been sought from Integrity so that your name and contact information are protected from businesses who distribute such information randomly throughout the community.

We also partner with reputable professionals that you might need for success.

Such as Elder Law Attorneys, Movers, Organizers, Concierge Physicians and Nurses, Senior Services as well as In Home Care agencies. We’re always happy to refer you at no cost.

In Home Care

For some clients, in-home care may be a short term solution. It is common for people to request help from Integrity agents to transition from in-home care caregiving services to a residential care option such as assisted living, memory care or adult care home settings.

Ask about our Consulting services.

Integrity alerts clients due to the COVID-19 or other health and safety concerns relocation/placement of clients is of your own volition. Integrity will not be held liable for any illness, injury or death that may occur from exposure during the process.**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our tours may have been modified, what was once in person may be via various types of Virtual tours. We take your safety and ours very seriously and have put measures in place to reduce risk. We continue to work with facilities and you to ensure a smooth transition.

Client’s ongoing communication with the provider:

Within the scope of our senior housing and care referral services, Integrity does not serve as an arbitrator or communicator between the client and provider. During both the search process and/or move-in, Integrity does not have the responsibility of ensuring communication or agreement between the client and provider.

At no point are Integrity advisors able to ensure services or quality of services provided by a referred Provider.

Integrity advisors are mandatory reporters

State law requires all employees of the agency report suspected instances of abuse, neglect, abandonment or financial fraud to the appropriate authorities. Clients must be aware that the request of a client to not disclose such matters to authorities is against the law and strictly prohibited by the agency.

I understand, I now appoint Integrity to represent us in the search of long term care, housing and services. I acknowledge that I am making use of services with Integrity Senior Living Advisors LLC and our general services are at NO COST to our clients. Integrity gets paid by receiving a referral fee from selected contracted senior care, communities/facilities and care homes.

Consulting: If you choose to engage Integrity for specialized consulting services without an intent to move using our assistance or engage in an online placement service, please inform our advisor.

Integrity advisor team and its staff will be held harmless from any injury or harm from, any risk or harm from the spread of infection, virus, or diseases.

Additional Disclosure Information:

Agent Business Information

Agent’s Business Name: Integrity Senior Living Advisors, LLC         

Address:    358 NW 1st Ave, STE 5, Canby OR, 97013             

Telephone: 503-354-9635 or 503-217-4097            


Website address:             


General Information for Oregon Consumers 

Oregon Long Term Care Referral Agents are required to provide consumers and clients seeking assistance finding long-term care options the following information.


State Mandated Disclosures

    Oregon law requires Long Term Care Referral Agents to make the following disclosures to a client:


  1. Description of the referral. The types of facilities being referred to the client, include all the following:

      X  Adult Foster Home             X  Residential Care Facility     X  Assisted Living Facility
      X  Memory Care                     X  Nursing Facility                   X  Independent Living

      X  Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)             X  Medicaid Contracted
      X  Other: In Home Care Services, Hospice, Home Health and Advising Consulting


  1. Limitations on referrals. The client will be referred only to facilities with which the Referral Agent has a business-to-business contract:                      Yes       X   No

  2. Referral fees. Any fees paid to the Referral Agent for services will be paid by the admitting home/facility:                                                                     X Yes           No                  ​

  3. This Referral Agent’s right to a referral fee expires if the client does not move into a referred facility within a specified period from the time of the referral:

                                        Yes          X  No     

  1. Privacy Policy. A copy of the Referral Agent’s privacy policy is attached to this advisory form. A copy can be found at the following web link

  2. Facility Complaint History. The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) website listing complaints concerning facilities/care communities is found at:


Additional Information:

The following additional information beyond the mandatory disclosures is provided to assist the consumer in understanding Oregon laws regarding referrals.  


A Referral Agent Must:

  1. Discontinue providing services to a client who notified the Referral Agent in writing that the client no longer wishes to use the services of the Referral Agent. If the Referral Agent has received compensation from the facility for a referral that has been made, the client may notify the Referral Agent in writing that he/she wish to use the services of another Referral Agent in the future for referral to another facility in a subsequent move. The client’s written notice shall identify the name of the facility and the move-in date of the original referral made by the Referral Agent.

  2. Provide the required disclosures to the client in writing in a conspicuous and clear manner. The disclosure may be made orally first if the agent makes an audio recording with the consent of the client and thereafter provides the client a written disclosure.


A Referral Agent May Not:

  1. Provide a referral to a long-term care facility/home for compensation unless registered with ODHS.

  2. Refer a client to a facility in which the Referral Agent or an immediate family member has an ownership interest.

  3. Contact a client or authorized representative who has requested in writing that the Referral Agent stop contacting them.

  4. Share a client’s placement information with or sell a client’s placement information to a facility or marketing affiliate without obtaining affirmative consent from the client or his/her authorized representative for each instance of sharing or selling such information.

Privacy Policy

  • We will always explain the purpose for collecting your personal information before or at the time of collecting that information.

  • We will only collect or use your personal information solely with the objectives of fulfilling those purposes specified by us and for other compatible purposes, unless we obtain your information first, or as required by law.

  • We will retain your personal information for so long as required for the purpose of our agreement with you.

  • We will only collect personal information in a legal and fair manner, and with the knowledge or consent of the individual or legal representative.

  • We will utilize reasonable and modern practices in order to protect all personal information from the loss, and unauthorized access.

    Our privacy policies and practices regarding our management of your personal information will always be readily available to you.

Authorization to Share Placement Information;

I have read, understand, and consent to this agreement and I authorize this Referral Agent to share my placement information with the facilities to which I will be referred to or with this Referral Agent’s affiliates.

    ____________________________________            _________________________

    Receiving Individual – (electronic) Signature                    Date



    Receiving Individual – Printed Name

    ____________________________________            _________________________

    Name of Person requiring Care/Housing                          Date

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